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What is the Cluster?

The Quad Cities Housing Cluster (Cluster) is an outgrowth of the Vision 2000 report that was initiated in 1989 by the Quad Cities’ media outlets to develop a strategic plan that would establish a focus for the Quad Cities area as it worked its way out of the economic and farm crises of the 1980’s. Social services were one of several areas that were looked at in the Vision 2000 study.

The Cluster started as the Quad Cities Housing Bureau and was established as a delegated authority of the Bi-State Regional Commission. Its activities were coordinated with InfoLINK as the “doer’ of housing development.

The Cluster came into its own in 1993 to coordinate the efforts of the area’s not-for-profit housing service providers and developers in conjunction with the areas for -profit developers, lenders, funders, local governments and members of the housing industry.


The Quad Cities Housing Council (QCHC) was formed in 1999 to serve as the resource development arm of the Quad Cities Housing Cluster. The QCHC manages a grant pool and a revolving loan fund that the not-for-profit housing service provider and developer members of the Cluster may make application to to receive assistance in their efforts to provide safe, decent, affordable housing.

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